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Welcome to Notari Studio – thank you for visiting my site and artwork.

Short bio:

Since 1983 I have been a fine art photographer. For the past seven years, I have created mixed media jewelry using archival photographic prints set in hand-poured resin and glass cabachons in sterling-plate settings. I make cuff links, earrings and necklaces with fun, eclectic images of vintage birds and butterflies; vintage postcards of Chicago, Paris and London; contemporary designs, steampunk keys and whimsical collages. I encourage you to wear and give miniature art!

My jewelry is represented in numerous stores. Thank you for visiting me at my recent shows. I really appreciate your support and business! See you soon at an upcoming show.

Longer bio:

I first studied photography at Smith College during my senior year. I immediately loved everything about photography - composing and capturing images with manual cameras, developing film, printing images in the darkroom, and all the cool people who were into photo in the 80's.

After graduating from Smith with a degree in English Literature, I headed to New York City where I worked for Aperture, the photography publisher and foundation. Aperture had just opened its new office at 20 E. 23rd Street and there I met a lot of well-known photographers and interesting editors and graphic designers. My second job was at Sotheby's Real Estate on Madison Ave. and as part of my work, I photographed the interiors and exteriors of their Manhattan residences. During my three years in NYC, I also volunteered at the International Center for Photography working as a teaching assistant in exchange for darkroom time at their Fifth Avenue location.

In 1987, I headed off to the Rhode Island School of Design where I pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Photography for the next two years. Although I missed NYC, I loved everything about RISD and met some very creative and fascinating people. My thesis focused on color self-portraits and the myth of Persephone. I still enjoy going back to RISD to participate in their Alumni Art Shows.

In August of 1989, I started teaching photography to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Kentucky. I was able to teach black and white as well as color photography darkroom classes. This was a great job!

My next teaching job was at North Park University in Chicago. I was so happy to return to the city where I was born and a lot of my extended family still lived. I taught all sorts of art classes at North Park - fundamentals, drawing, 2D and 3D design as well as photography.

In 1991 I received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship and spent the summer traveling and photographing throughout Greece. I was on my quest to learn more about the Eleusinian Mysteries and the goddess Persephone.

The next summer, I went to Rome and Naples on a Fulbright scholarship and traveled with a bunch of Latin-heads to visit a ton of classical and archeological sites - what an experience!

A great opportunity presented itself: I was able to open up my own art gallery, Notari Gallery, in the Wicker Park art district. For two years in the early 90's, I exhibited my own and other artists work in a great location, just steps from the Damen el and the intersection of North, Damen and Milwaukee Avenues - it was a very happening place.

For the next thirteen years in the mid 90's to mid-2000's, I focused on creating and selling my fine art photographs. I had many solo and group shows and was represented by four galleries: Walsh Gallery in Chicago, Flatfile Gallery in Chicago, Gallery H in Three Oaks, Michigan and Art Exhibition Link in Rome and Berlin. The highlights were: my "Flower Bodies" show at Walsh Gallery, my "Mythic" show and "Graffiti Bodies" video at Flatfile Gallery, 2 three person shows in Rome and Berlin titled "Graffiti Stories" and a solo show in Paris of "Aphrodite". I attended the Berlin and Paris openings and took some great photos of graffiti on my trips.

I returned to teaching in the fall of 2005 at the Illinois Institute of Art and developed the curriculum for their first digital photography classes. I also taught Photoshop at the Chicago location as well as teaching Photoshop and Drawing online until March, 2008.

And that brings me to the present when I started creating jewelry and re-established Notari Studio as a jewelry studio. I started out showing my work at retail art and craft shows in 2007 and exhibited in my first gift show in Chicago in the summer of 2008. Since then, I've shown at the Chicago, New York, Atlanta and San Francisco gift shows and worked with over 200 stores. I continue to show in a few retail shows, notably the One of a Kind Show in Chicago in December.

In 2012, I moved to Sarasota, Florida and have focused on creating new jewelry collections. I'll see you at an upcoming show!

Carrie Notari


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